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Moosehead Maine Coon Queens are selectively chosen from our own breeding program as well as from the most elite Maine Coon catteries in Europe and directly imported by us. We choose future queens that are individually unique while collectively representing the best of the breed. Our queens are all simply stunning with their wild expressions, lynx tipped ears, long coon tails, and gorgeous coats.

Sugar Island

Named after the largest island in enormous Moosehead Lake in Maine, Sugar Island is the most majestic black smoke European Maine Coon cat. Her rare coat is like silk and very luxurious to the touch. She has a fierce face, with an intense untamed expression. Sugar Island is extremely intelligent, graceful, calm, and a loving sweet soul.


Named after the natural splendor that is Kokadjo, Maine. Kokadjo means “Kettle Mountain Lake” and this small town in the far northeast offers an abundance of Moose watching and outdoor adventures. There is a sign in the small town that reads: Welcome to Kokadjo Population “Not Many”. This Maine Coon female is one of a kind, and “not many” could match her wild beauty and adventurous personality. Kokadjo is a very exotic featured female; she is bold, confident, and affectionate.

Moxie Falls

Named after one of the tallest single falls in Maine, Moxie Falls is a scenic waterfall in the Moosehead Lake region with a spectacular drop of almost 100 feet. Our Moxie Falls is a very large female smoke Maine Coon, she is polydactyl on all four massive paws. She is a unique combination of beauty and grandeur matched with a brave and outgoing nature.

New European Queen's

Photos and descriptions coming soon!

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Unique & Purebred

Maine Coon Cats

Responsibly and Selectively Bred on Moosehead Lake in Maine

Unique & Purebred Maine Coon Cats

Responsibly and Selectively Bred on Moosehead Lake in Maine